Say goodbye to complicated traditional methods of accessing the Internet and you don't need any special skills. Simply select the node you want and connect with one click. It's that simple.

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15s Quick Installation of Extension

No need to open Chrome app store, just follow 3 simple steps to get it done quickly!

Installation Yahoo Access Master

First, download the offline version of the extension ZIP package, extract it to the directory you specified. You can watch the GIF demo animation on the right, then follow the steps to complete the installation process, which only takes 15 seconds.

Open "Manage extensions"

Enable "Developer mode"

Load "Unpacked extension"

Truly idiot-proof one-click startup

Without spending too much time and effort, you can connect to high-speed nodes around the world with just one simple click of the BUTTON START. from then on, you will enjoy an unimaginable joyful experience, which is so easy and simple!

Enjoy the thrill of high-speed internet

With Yahoo Access Master, you will experience unprecedented freedom and smoothness, and network restrictions and blocks will dissipate like smoke, allowing you to roam freely in the ocean of the global Internet. No longer bound by factors such as geography and policies, enjoy the fun brought by high-speed networks to the fullest.


85% of Yahoo Access Master users upgrade to Pro after trial, with no usage restrictions.

  • 12 global data centers
  • Over 30 available nodes
  • Global backbone G-level bandwidth access
  • Unlimited traffic
  • No limit on number of connections per second
  • 500 concurrent connections per second
  • Supports multiple devices with the same IPv4 address
  • Supports multiple devices logged in simultaneously
  • Priority customer service and technical support

Yahoo Access Master Pro is tailored for scientific research, foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce, overseas online shopping, and developers, with advanced features.

  • Choose regions at will

    High-quality main data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia are constantly being added, so you don’t have to worry about limited region choices.

  • Rich and available nodes

    Up to 30+ available nodes, with pure IP, regular maintenance and replacement, and automatic detection and removal of invalid nodes.

  • Backbone G-level bandwidth

    Access to global high-speed backbone G-level bandwidth, with no problem watching HD/1080P videos.

  • Overseas network acceleration

    Customized solutions for more than 10 scenarios, reducing latency and increasing speed, making your network surfing unfettered.

  • One-click enable connection

    Make your work and study easier, one-click enable and connect, breaking through domestic and foreign network restrictions.

  • Priority customer support

    Let our customer service team answer any questions you may have about using the product as soon as possible.


Some information you might want to know about Yahoo Access Master.

    • How long can I use the free version of the product?

      The free version of Yahoo Access Master has no usage restrictions, while different products provide 5~30 minutes of trial time per day depending on the product rules.

    • Do I need to provide a credit card for the subscription of the free version of Yahoo Access Master?

      No, all you need to do is install Yahoo Access Master and enjoy it.

    • What payment methods do you support?

      We accept credit cards (including Mastercard, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Maestro), PayPal, Alipay, iDEAL, Google Pay (for Chrome users only), and wire transfers.

    • Can I change the authorized IP address for the client?

      Yes, it will be automatically changed when you use it in different network environments, but frequent changes may be subject to system limitations.

    • Are there any restrictions on traffic or concurrent connections when using the product?

      Free version users have limitations on usage time and total bandwidth, while the Pro version has no restrictions on traffic and request concurrency. Enjoy!

    • Can I use the same Yahoo Access Master Pro account on multiple devices?

      Yes, you can use the same Pro account on up to 3 devices simultaneously. If you need to share with family or friends, we recommend purchasing a device expansion package to expand the quantity.

    • Is my data safe with Yahoo Access Master?

      When you use Yahoo Access Master installed internally, we will not share or access your data. All data uploaded to the cloud is encrypted using AES-256 algorithm during transmission on the server side.

    • I need the XYZ function, can it be added?

      Perhaps, we always listen to users' needs, but we cannot guarantee how quickly we can implement it. If the feature you want is not yet available, please submit a feature request to us.

    • Are there any discounts available?

      Yahoo Access Master may have promotions during holidays, or get some discounts through our business partners. We recommend that you follow our official website for the latest updates.